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web hosting plan standard -free domain 2200 b./yr


web hosting plan bg

  One of the fastest and most reliable web hosting of thailand sign up web hosting  
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how to choose web hosting plan


Lite web Hosting :


Ideal for enterprise email and static website which do not want to use databases

And Static web site or Script with PHP, CGI, Perl, Java script, frontpage

  lite web hosting plan  

web hosting


Advance web Hosting :


Ideal for enterprise email and dynamic website which want to use databases

Script can be used as
php, CGI, Perl , Webboard, WordPress,Joomla, PHP-nuke, SMF forum, membo,os-commerce, Zencart and etc.

  cms advance web hosting plan  

web hosting


Enterprise web hosting :


For enterprise email and website which dynamic website and use database applications with MySQL.

Script can be used as a Advance hosting There are more special features :

web hosting plan ฟรีโดเมนAdd or customize your own hosting plan
web hosting plan ฟรีโดเมนUnlimited Domain add on host
web hosting plan ฟรีโดเมนUnlimited email account
web hosting plan ฟรีโดเมนUnlimited Database

  enterprise web hosting plan-unlimit domain-unlimit email, unlimit database  

web hosting

  Lite-1 Lite-2 Standard Starter EHM-1 EHM-2
Web hosting plan
promotion web hostin free domain
Order now ... web hosting
Order now ... web hosting
Order now ... web hosting
Order now ... web hosting
Order now ... web hosting
Order now ... web hosting
Monthly (baht) - - 200 b. 300 b. 1,400 b. 1,800 b.
3 month (baht) - - 600 b. 900 b. 4,200 b. 5,400 b.
6 month (baht)
Discount 5%
- - 1,164 b. 1,710 b. 7,980 b. 10,260 b.
12 month (baht)
Advance plan /Enterprise Plan
Discount 1 month/ pay only 11 month
and Free! domain
- - 2,200 b. 3,300 b. 15,400 b. 19,800 b.
Buy HOST annually
Free! register domain,Renew domain
or Transfer Domain
1 domain for lifetime

.com, .net, .biz, .org, .info

.com, .net, .biz, .org, .info

.com, .net, .biz, .org, .info

.com, .net, .biz, .org, .info
or .co.th .ac.th .in.th
setup fee Free Free Free Free Free Free
disk space 1200 Mb 2 Gb 1600 Mb 2 Gb 7.5 Gb 9 Gb
POP E-mail account
10 email 15 email 10 email 15 email Unlimited Unlimited
Mailling List 5 5 5 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Add on domain for Web hosting
1 1 1 3 Unlimited Unlimited
- - 1 DB 3 DB Unlimited Unlimited
Create own Hosting plan - - - - web hosting Enterprise plan - กำหนด web hosting plan ได้เอง web hosting Enterprise plan - กำหนด web hosting plan ได้เอง
Data Transfer(Site trafic)
20 GB 20 GB 20 GB 20 GB 80 GB 120 GB
  Order now ... web hosting Order now ... web hosting Order now ... web hosting Order now ... web hosting Order now ... web hosting Order now ... web hosting

web hosting plan bg3

  ***more Bandwidth (data transfer) 1 GB/ 75 b./mo.

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web hosting plan-advance free domain

Search domain name


General information of the domain names and web hosting

web hosting plan lite free domain web hosting lite plan -free domain Free .. register domain name, transfer Domain , domain renewal for .Com .net .Org . Info throughout the year according to the package you choose
web hosting lite plan -free domain Domain and Subdomain with the package you choose

Email hosting

web hosting plan lite free domain web hosting lite plan -free domain spam mail filter
web hosting lite plan -free domain Virus protection for email
web hosting lite plan -free domain SMTP,POP3 and IMAP, mailing list, spam assassin
web hosting lite plan -free domain Email quota setting for each email user account
web hosting lite plan -free domain Web base email : Horde, RoundCube and Squirrel Mail

FTP and web hosting feature

web hosting plan lite free domain  

For every hosting plan

web hosting lite plan -free domain MS Front page, Html, CGI, PHP,Java script
web hosting lite plan -free domain Unlimited FTP update, Anonymous FTP, FTP Session controls
web hosting lite plan -free domain URL Redirection
web hosting lite plan -free domain Control & Customize :
  C,C++, Perl, Custom CGI Script
  Password protection directory,Site counter

Advance host and Enterprise plan

web hosting lite plan -free domain Ecommerce
web hosting lite plan -free domain OS Commrece Shopping cart, Zencart, Magento and etc.
web hosting  plan -free domain CMS
  Joomla, WordPress, ....
web hosting plan -free domain webboard
web hosting plan -free domain Advance Feature :
  JAVA, Anonymous FTP, PHP 5,mySQL database, phpMyAdmin

Web hosting Control panel

Cpanel web hosting logo web hosting lite plan -free domain CPanel for managing files and email, and many more.
web hosting lite plan -free domain Website statistic : WebAlizer, Referrer and error logs
web hosting lite plan -free domain Unlimit Email forwarding, Aliases, Auto-replies
web hosting lite plan -free domain SMTP,POP3 and IMAP, mailing list, spam assassin

Advance plan and Enterprise hosting plan

   web hosting free ติดตั้งโปรแกรม opensource software
  ฟรี!ติดตั้ง โปรแกรม Open source

Customer support

web hosting plan lite free domain web hosting lite plan -free domain Customer service staff. Phone, email, and via Ticket
web hosting lite plan -free domain Live Chat online
web hosting lite plan -free domain Service quickly

Network Architecture and backup

web hosting plan lite free domain web hosting lite plan -free domain Daily Backup, Weekly Backup
web hosting lite plan -free domain UPS and Diesel Powered Backup
web hosting lite plan -free domain 24/7 Network Monitoring


If you want the best value for you which you can consider Of web hosting providers that are widely available today. But may have a few ... A professional. And guarantee success as Ecomsiam do not let your web hosting slow (down time), because it means a loss.

Ecomsiam service "Web hosting, high quality with virus protection for email" (Reliable web hosting) without any charge other.

Please be careful! Unlimited web hosting provider "Unlimited" everything

Competition among Web hosting providers are increasingly present. Some providers give you a web hosting service "Unlimited or Unlimited Everything" as unlimited e-mail, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited data transfer Unlimited Web space without charge or cost very little. Which is similar to the share of the Share web hosting services, which there are many. This makes web hosting may be Downtime (slow) and Web hosting may eventually fail.
we are the best web hosting solution company
  Start your website and email using  
How to start your website?
To start website, you need to register domain name before you can post as www.domainname.com. Once you have a domain name and then use web hosting to store website and email. Currently, there are many companies that provide web hosting services, domain name registration with a web hosting.

Considered to form the site you want.
Are typically two types of website.

  • Static web site or simple web site) You can create a website in html form to your upload file by web hosting (web server) using a program such as FTP FileZilla

    Every time there is a change in the content of the site, you need to upload file to edit from your computer to your web hosting because the site has not been changed, the web hosting is why we run a site of this kind that the web Static website
  • Dynamic sites : cms - content managment software, website builder software,blogs, forums, photo galleries...)
    You can install an application or web application to the web server by a web hosting or application may have more tools to allow you to edit the contents of a website. As well as to put pictures and text, including various video files online with a connection to the web hosting that you use.

    We would recommend it. Ninenic - website builder ninenic.com That will help you create a professional website done quickly and easy to use, Or you may use a program like WordPress, joomla, phpBB and etc.

    To install these software packages. You do not worry because ecomsiam web hosting Support for the web hosting Control panel, or if there is already a problem in the installation. To contact for assistance. Technical service providers. ecomsiam web hosting.

Web Hosting Technology
A static html web site or for use with any web hosting when you create a dynamic website. Typically 2 types plateform .

  1. Linux web hosting : Linux operating system. Which uses Linux Apache, MySQL PHP web hosting for ecomsiam.com use the form.
  2. Windows web hosting: Windows operating systems. Which we call the ASP Web hosting., Which use ASP to build web applications.

What web hosting do you need?

  • Free web hosting ($0): The form of a web hosting at no cost. It may be overloaded or slow or a problem may contain advertising. Ideal for personal websites. Or small sites. Unwanted business. Due regard to the stability of Web hosting much.
  • Shared web hosting :Web hosting is the most you will have a server and a large number of sites in the web hosting customers with each customer will have their own account and manage the web hosting account through their control panel.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers) : Web hosting is a server split into a number of (smaller number, about 16 to 32 cases), which is ideal for those who need more space, data transfer is handled in a very high security.
  • Dedicated Servers : You can manage your own server as a server at all, but a high price.

Commonly used services. shared web hosting , which makes the cost is not high. And effective. And technical supervision. By the authorities. You do not have to worry. Technical aspects of care.

How to choose web hosting service provider?

Basically, web hosting providers, and in some cases may offer. Space or lot banwidth incredible. Do not just decide on three things should consider in choosing the web hosting here.

  • web hosting performance: speed up the visibility of your website visitors will get. By checking with the web hosting site is located.
  • 99% Uptime:
  • Virus protection for email and spam mail filter
  • Customer service :
    The most difficult to evaluate this out. You can call the company. Or of the seller. If a customer is the most. Providers to be reliable. Throughout the period. And experience in the service business web hosting.

If you still have any question.Please contact the customer support of ecomsiam web hosting at Tel.02-9682665 ,02-9683399 or support@ecomsiam.com or not.
[ contact us click here... ]


Ecomsiam.com - reliability web hosting solution

  Features of Ecomsiam web hosting  
  • The fastest and most reliable connection

    Ecomsiam Data Center services are available on an electronic network core, Speed ​​perfection. Web hosting is the space allocated to the needs of the customer. By connecting to the network. The company's high-speed CAT Telecom Public Company Limited

    along with high-speed networks (Gigabit. Backbone) that links both locally and abroad. With environmental control systems. And a backup system that is ready to run automatically. In the event of primary system failure, including the power supply. And emergency backup generators. Administrators throughout the states. 24 hours, 7 days and consulting services and other services. Involved.

ecomsiam web hosting-our data center

  • Ensuring the continued 99% UPTIME.
  • Anti Virus for email
  • Satisfaction guaranteed within 30 days from the start web hosting refund if not satisfied with .
  • Management systems, web hosting with CPanel Control panel For use by web hosting users do not need a high level of technical knowledge.
  • No Setup FEE
  • mySQL, php5.3, Web mail, the most popular open source applications such as WordPress, Joomla, SMF forum, and ecommerce as os-commerce shopping cart, zenCart etc.

  • Free setup opensource software ....
  • And customer service team. Care to advise and answer questions to use.


Ecomsiam web hosting company is different from the other?

Data center with high-speed data transfer and Stable

connection between the NOC Ecomsiam the ISP backbone. Channels connected in (Domestic Backbone) with speeds up. 1,224 Mbps (Fiber Optic Full Duplex) and channel connections abroad. (International Backbone) with speed (Fiber Optic. Full Duplex), which channels are most compatible with international usage. Both domestic and international quickly

Server operating system to operating system. Linux , a high level of stability and security. Supports database like MySql and supported languages ​​of programming such as PHP, Python, Perl.

Management of Email Virus and Anti Spam Anti Spam Mail or effective.

ecomsiam Web Hosting and Email Anti-Virus from the transmission to the recipient. Prevent and reduce the damage caused by viral email with Anti. Email spam mail that acts as a separate spam from regular Email. Email can reduce unwanted system can handle Virus. Spam mail mail and that you can be sure that your system is safe from being disturbed. Viruses or spam.

Ecomsiam Web Server Data Backup systems secure.

by Web hosting Data Backup you can be sure that every night. Data stored in the Server. It has been fully maintained. The confidence to use it most

and programs that users can perform backup. Data (Backup) on all storage. web hosting, or can be reused (Restore) when the problem

Web Hosting supports both IP Based and Name based.

ecomsiam Server service model that enables users to select Web. Hosting both using Name based Domain name is used. Shared Web Hosting IP Address or an IP Based is the web. Hosting by only the IP Address of each site. Without number. IP with others. Webmasters can use the IP Address to the security of the site. Such contact database. Schedule contact database of IP Address. Only. You can also use the IP Address or Website. FTP directly to the domain name (Domain name)

Control Panel to manage Web Hosting.

Ecomsiam Web hosting Control Panel is to help manage web Hosting. Without an expert can deal easily with their web hosting. Such as the Email manager, Database manager, Backup system, FTP manager,. Cron manager, Stats, Search engine submit and Open source software. And install as WordPress, joomla, Web board, php-nuke, Chat Room, Shopping Cart. Etc.

both with Web Mail and POP 3. (outlook express) allows applications to easily send e-mail


can use Mail box for each Email Account. Not to exceed the limit. Reduce the area of ​​Web Hosting is because some applications you do not receive the email. The common area is made ​​for any other use. Affected is unable to receive email

Software installed, which can be installed and used on its own.

care may be appealed to the Software and install it. web hosting helps to brighten the Web with Web board with Feature rich,. Chat Room, Shopping Cart, etc.

team and provide ongoing support. Ecomsiam web hosting

experience in counseling. The team who has the expertise to provide the Web hosting company Ecomsiam.com focus on customer service seriously.

a satisfaction guarantee refund within 30 days

30-day Money-Back Guarantee.
We guarantee satisfaction. Give you a refund if you are not satisfied with the service that you are within 30 days of opening an account for your use. You can decide to use the eomsiam web hosting. Of without worry

service after sale

If the customer has a problem, you can email it to us. Support@ecomsiam.com. And you will be contacted. Our staff within a short time. Or call us at 02-968-2665 our technical staff. Happy to answer any questions or solve any problems. Web Hosting or Domain name

  Web hosting Plan is right for you?  

Various web hosting companies. Will have a variety of services ranging from beginners (Starter) to enterprise (Enterprise) with details different amount of space, the number of emails, the Data transfer things to consider is "what you need. use "you do not need to waste money on things you do not use.

The main selection Web Hosting plan is

  • Number Data transfer (the amount of data that is sent from the web), with most sites, 98% use no more than 5-10 GB data transfer per month
  • Users Email (Email Account) , you should consider using a number of applications such as info@yourweb.com, sales@yourweb.com etc.
  • storage or Disk space
  • service after sale
  • Lite web hosting plan

    web of personal or small organizations. With the use of an html web page, we recommend that you choose a Web hosting: Lite plan starting at just 1600 baht per year are detailed below.

  • Ideal for enterprise email applications. Preparation of the site. not want to use databases or Data Base and can be used with Static Web Script for PHP, CGI, Perl, Java script, frontpage
  • .. free domain name registration. Or renew a domain name web hosting throughout the year
  • Volume Data transfer up to 20GB per month
  • storage space of up to 800 Mb
  • Users
  • 10 email account email and Services Web mail / pop3 by Email to the Email forwarding can be set up (we ordered the forwarding. Email this to. Send to email address as myname@hotmail.com. Etc.)
  • application that supports a web page or script that is needed by your applications such as FrontPage, Php, CGI, html
  • price comparison Lite hosting can be found by clicking here

    Advance web hosting plan

    for enterprise email applications. preparing a dynamic website with database MySQL.The Script range like php, CGI, Perl and use Webboard, WordPress, Joomla, PHP-nuke, SMF forum, membo, os-commerce, Zencart and many more

    Prices start from 2,200 baht per year or 200 baht per month and >Free domain name registered or renew a domain name for yearly web hosting

    You can compare price for Advance hosting plan

    Enterprise web hosting plan

    For enterprise email applications, preparing a dynamic web site with a MySQL database using a Script like php, CGI, Perl and use of Webboard, WordPress, Joomla, PHP- nuke, SMF forum, membo, os-commerce, Zencart and many more. Advance web hosting

    Special feature
    enterprise web hosting plan Create your own web hosting plan
    enterprise web hosting plan unlimit Domain add on hostUnlimit Domain add on host
    enterprise web hosting plan unlimit email accountUnlimit email account
    enterprise web hosting plan unlimit  database Unlimit Database

    Start only 1400 baht /month and Free!..domain name registration or domain renewal for web hosting lifetime (buy yearly hosting)

    you can compare Enterprise web hosting


    Ecomsiam.com - reliability web hosting solution


    WEB HOSTING Control panel

    ecomsiam Web hosting with web hosting Cpanel what is cPanel?

    CPanel web hosting is a system that consists of many features. Allows you to manage web hosting for your domain efficiently by the user via a web page, such as upload files for the web site, e-mail management, data backup (Backup), the FTP, CGI script. statistics for the site (web site statistics) and many others.

    For example screen you can visit the web hosting control panel - Cpanel by clicking here.

    web hosting control panel screenshot

    Faq -web hosting

    You can visit Faq - web hosting by click here




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