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Set up the email  

ถาม : How to Set up email?

For the email account you need to add users to the list on the Server.
The Page Control panel Login to access the Email Manager.

1) login to cpanel to add to the list by calling the URL.


(change yourdomain to your domain name.)

If the domain is not work ,you can point to the IP as follows.asking for ip The screen, you enter user and password on the Login page to your home screen CPANEL WHM

Click the button to the main menu of the mail cpanel . เลือก click option : add / remove account and enter your roster to add. Then you can - send an email to schedule email using MS. outlook Express or transfer by any web mail or Jmail.

Try - send/receive email, That the system works properly.

2) Web Mail and Outlook Express
You can use two types of POP3 email using Outlook Express and Web mail.

2.1 set config.
Eg [change Password] [Forwarding Options] [Autoresponder Options] [BoxTrapper] or email at


2.2 email using the multi-language web mail you to the URL.


Send and receive email using POP3 and Outlook Express.

Set by Mail program used to point the mail by the mail server using the domain name web site, EX.
Incoming Mail (POP3): mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing Mail (SMTP): mail.yourdomain.com หรือ Your ISP'Smtp
as show below

For Internet access with TOT, you can configure Outlook as
Incoming mail (POP3) : mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing mail (SMTP) : smtp.totisp.net

** Because Internet TOT provider does not allow users other than the TOT SMTP only

If you have not been user before, select "Mail" The top menu and select Add ->"Mail" as fig below

Enter your name below and press "Next >"

Email your User name and domain name, and then press the button. "Next"

  • Enter Incomming mail This is the mail to Server as the input
    As in this example : mail.mydomain.com.
  • Enter Outgoing mail Which is sent from Mail Server, enter the
    As in this example : mail.mydomain.com

You may use your ISP SMTP Outgoing mail is the service you use is optional, Which are detailed in the table below

Internet service provider (ISP) OUTGOING MAIL (SMTP)
  A-Net   mail.a-net.net.th
  Asia Access   bkk1.asiaaccess.net.th
  Asia Infonet   classic.asianet.co.th
  ClickTA   mail.clickta.com
  CS Internet   mail.cscoms.com
  Data Line Thai   mail.linethai.co.th
  FarEast Internet   mail.fareast.net.th
  Idea Net   mail.idn.co.th
  Infonews   smtp.infonews.co.th
  Internet Thailand   mozart.inet.co.th
  Ji-Net   net1.ji-net.com
  KSC   ksc.th.com
  Loxinfo   smtp.loxinfo.co.th
  Samart   smtp.samart.co.th
  Siam-It Online   mail.siamit.co.th
  TOT   smtp.totisp.net
  World Net   mail.wnet.net.th

Enter the Account name and then specify the name of the @ Email user name of your domain

Enter the password and then press the button "Next >" and press "Finish"

Now you can just pick up my Outlook Express Mail program.

If you need to change any Account, go to Mail user you want to edit, then press the "Properties " as shown

Select the Account you want to edit and press Proporties.

Select Server as shown below.

Account Name corrected from using your Username@domainname.com

For example me@ecomsiam.com then press OK ... just as he was able to receive / send emails on a regular basis.

Send and receive email using Web mail.

In addition to using email via Pop3 and Web mail services are available, you do not need to use POP 3.

or go to Location : http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail/

Or http://www.yourdomain.com/jmail. (Manual jmail has been sent to you along with the user, password of Web hosting).

To monitor and manage email using Webmail, use the url into the domain name followed by / webmail like www.ecomsiam.com / webmail , see Fig. below

After visiting. www.yourdomain / webmail popup will be displayed to the user name and password in the user name field, enter a name, email account@yourdomain.com Account of such domain name me@ecomsaim.com
I put in the user name, enter a password me@ecomsiam.com normally.

Enter user name is yourname@ecomsiam.com and enter password

When to login now. Appears to use webemail by the web mail options 2 is Neo Mail and Squirrel Mail, the Neo Mail can support Language Thailand and are part of the Change password, Fowarding Option, Auto responders option and Logout.

To change your password, then enter the Password or Change Password page came up, it appears to fix by doing the New Password 2 times and click change Password button below to change the Password.

Neo Mail
When added to the Neo Mail, if the first is a welcome message. And can set preference or preferences of using web mail basic but the next time will not be set preference and if you want to edit the appearance of the web mail again to go to the icon that option. in webmail.

For the set preference that can be customized as needed. If you want to use it to choose Thailand as Thai language after adjusting the preference system that successfully completed. It will turn out and webmail available as usual.

For each icon in webmail can use normally. If you want to customize the format they can use webmail or set language preference option or icon to enter edit as needed.


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